Banner Fire Equipment has proudly represented E-One in southern/central Illinois and eastern Missouri for over twenty five years.

An ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, E-One has been an industry leader in innovation and firefighter safety for over 35 years. Many apparatus features which are considered standard today were brought to the fire service by E-One.

We take pride in the fact that many of the fire departments who purchase E-One Fire Apparatus from our company are repeat customers. The combination of a world class manufacturer, a high quality product and a local dealership committed to service results in a high level of satisfaction for those who choose E-One.

Whether it is a pumper, tanker or aerial device, we can assist your department throughout the planning and purchase process. From the initial design and specification of your vehicle through the bid and evaluation stage to the final delivery our professional sales and service staff is committed to making the task of purchasing a new emergency vehicle a pleasant experience.

Stock Vehicles

E-One keeps a representative number of stock/demonstrator vehicles available at all times. This includes units that are in the production schedule for future completion. Units available include:

  • Commercial and Custom pumpers:

    • Four-door and two-door commercial units.
    • Custom units with seating for up to six firefighters
    • Top or side mount configurations
    • Roll up or panel compartment doors
    • 1000 gallon poly tanks (1000 water or 970 water/30 foam)
    • 1250 gpm Hale Pumps
  • Commercial and Custom rescue pumpers:

    Same features as above including full depth rescue style compartments with increased storage space capacity.

  • Aerials:

    Whether it’s the highly versatile 75-ft or 78-ft aerial quints or 100-ft ladders and platforms, these units are equipped with many popular options.

  • Watermaster Tankers:

    2500-gallon to 3500-gallon units with various pump options available

Why Consider a Stock Unit?

  • Shorter Delivery Time: Available units can be delivered in as little as 30-45 days. Stock units can help you avoid the long specification and procurement process.

  • Pricing: Stock units generally have a lower price than units you have to build “from the ground up”.

  • Meets your needs: Stock trucks can be customized with everything from shelves to snow chains to custom lighting packages right in our shop.

For information on available units call or e-mail Mike Benker, Sr. at [email protected]

We can customize any stock unit with the options and tools you need to work effectively. All of our trucks meet or exceed the requirements of NFPA 1901 so that we can provide quality products for our customers.