Auto Charge 1200, w/Status Center
Auto Charge 1200, w/Status Center

Auto Charge 1200, w/Status Center

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40A output quickly recovers the batteries«Automatically charges and supports parasitic DC loads i.e., data terminals, radios, handheld lights, etc., assuring the battery is ready to start the engine. Automatic operation regulates the output to a single battery bank. A patented built-in sense circuit checks the battery voltage 120 times per second to compensate for a voltage drop in the charging wires providing a quick re-charge and avoiding overcharging. Choice of Built-in Display options:_Bar Graph or Digital. Choice of Remote Displays:_Single Bar Graph_Auto Charge Status Center_Auto Charge Status Center in Watertight Case. Includes a heavy duty aluminum case designed for emergency vehicle use. Optional E-Z Slide Mounting Plate for slide-in installation and removal of the Auto Charge 1200 charger located in hard to access areas. Gel Cell/Lead-Acid switch selects the optimum charge/float voltages based on the battery type
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