BADAXX Bail out anchor device 30"
BADAXX Bail out anchor device 30'

BADAXX Bail out anchor device 30"

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Made from hardened 4150 tool steel, the 4.5” pick can quickly be driven into most materials, providing an immediate extra foot hold during emergency operations. We designed our pick to have a consistent width throughout its length. By not having the entire pick tapered like a wedge, we have avoided the wobbly, unstable foot hold most commonly found with the traditional pick head axe. To increase your safety we have added knurling to the top surface of the head to prevent your foot from slipping. With the tapered end and angle of the pick, we have designed it to be very efficient at overhaul while also allowing it to function as a fulcrum for prying and lifting.



The head of the BADAXX tool has been engineered to apply maximum impact force to the striking surface while the beveled edges force material away from the blade. The result is an effective method of breaking through material without the blade being pinched or jammed. This allows for the efficient completion of time-critical operations, while minimizing exertion, and preserving much needed energy. The face of the blade provides an effective striking surface when used with a Halligan style bar. The rectangular hole in the head is designed to receive a 2”-3” adz blade of a Halligan style bar. This design allows the handles to marry close together and can easily be grasped with one hand. The BADAXX tool and a Halligan style bar, affectionately known as the “irons”, are the perfect pair for any forcible entry job!



Precision machined from a solid piece of high strength aluminum for maximum durability and minimum weight. The BADAXX handle is ergonomically shaped for a more natural swing. The hole provided at the end of the handle allows you to easily attach a safety rope for rappelling and bailout operations. The cross hatch pattern along with the hooked finger grab prevents the axe from slipping from your grasp.


Total Length: 34" or 30"

Total Weight: 8lbs +/- 2oz

Face to Pick: 9.75"

Head Thickness: 1"

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