EV-40, Charger & Dual Display
EV-40, Charger & Dual Display

EV-40, Charger & Dual Display

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20 and 40A models available for charginga single battery bank. Low profile design saves valuable space in compartments and/or under the seat. Clean output poses no interference with radios and other mobile electronics. A 15A auxiliary output circuit with a power source selector switch for operating accessory loads i.e., air compressor pumps, handheld lights or handheld radios. Heavy duty terminal block for secure connections. Durable powder coat finish. Available as a kit with a remote battery meter. Includes a heavy duty aluminum case designed for emergency vehicle use. An optional mounting plate features slide-in and lock design for easy installation/removal under seats and other hard to access locations. Fast 3 step charging: Produces up to 40A output to quickly replenish batteries, then switches to lower float voltage maintenance mode to avoid overcharging. Includes a battery type selector switch to program use with Gel Cell/Flooded Lead Acid/AGM batteries. Operates on 90-250V input, auto range
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