Inverter-Charger Status Control Panel
Inverter-Charger Status Control Panel

Inverter-Charger Status Control Panel

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Generates Perfect Sine Wave AC for powering any appliance, from wattage-hungry power tools to highly input-sensitive computers, and electronic controllers/processors. Built-in high output three stage charger for rapid battery bank replenishment, programmable for, Gel-Cell, Flooded Lead- Acid or AGM battery types. GFI protected Duplex AC outlet on the front panel. Built-in automatic load transfer relay (45ms transfer time). Status indicators located on the front panel. An optional remote display is also available. Numerous safety and circuit protections: short circuit, over load, over-temperature, ground fault protection, output circuit breaker. Automatic low voltage shutdown circuit prevents any damage to the batteries due to an over-discharge when using the inverter function. UL listed
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