Pump Plus D Charger, w/ Bar Graph Display
Pump Plus D Charger, w/ Bar Graph Display

Pump Plus D Charger, w/ Bar Graph Display

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This system approach simplifies the complete installation. Package includes: Pump Plus Auto ChargeD and 12V Auto Pump_12V, 100 PSI Max, air compressor Auto Pump, see pg. 43 for specs and pg. 47 for optional accessories_28A charger with a 5A battery saver Pump Plus Auto Charge D for charging a dual battery bank_Automatic operation regulates the output to dual battery banks. Designed for DDEC Vehicles. A patented built-in sense circuit checks the battery voltage 120 times per second to compensate for a voltage drop in charging wires providing a quick re-charge without overcharging. Separate Battery Saver output eliminates any drain on the vehicleês batteries when in the station:_Automatically disconnects the auxiliary vehicle loads from the battery when the charger is energized_Ideal for charging handheld lights and portable radios _5A output with an automatic overload current limit_Not recommended for powering highly sensitive electronic loads. Remote Bar Graph Display included. Air Compressor power mode selector switch_DC Powered full time from the vehicleês battery_AC Powered only from the battery when the vehicle is plugged into the shore line _Automatically shuts off the compressor when disconnected from the shore line, taking the 12A load off the vehicleês battery
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