Rescue Tools Service

Hydraulic Rescue Tool Service


  • Clean and Inspect for Damage
  • Inspect Hydraulic Hoses for Wear/Abrasion
  • Replace Hydraulic Pump Fluid
  • Service Power Unit Air Cleaner
  • Change Power Unit Engine Oil
  • Replace Spark Plug on Power Unit
  • Check Fuel/Tank
  • Perform Line Pressure Tests
  • Adjust Pressure Relief A/R
  • Clean/Inspect Spreaders
  • Touch-Up Spreader Tips A/R
  • Remove Arms, Clean/Inspect and Lubricate Pivot Areas
  • Inspect Reel(s) for Wear/Damage
  • Inspect Cutters for Wear/Damage
  • Remove, Clean Center Bolt, Blades, Knuckle Housing, and Cutter Housing
  • Torque Center Bolt
  • Check Operation of All Tools
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