TRUFUEL 50:1 2-cycle pre-mixed fuel 32oz.
TRUFUEL 50:1 2-cycle pre-mixed fuel 32oz.

TRUFUEL 50:1 2-cycle pre-mixed fuel 32oz.

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TruFuel is a high performance, ethanol-free fuel that's precisely mixed with the most advanced synthetic lubricant and performance enhancing additives available. Just pour it from the convenient 32 ounce can into your equipment and go. No measuring. No mixing. No mess! And unlike normal gas that begins to break down after just 30 days, TruFuel remains fresh for years due to its proprietary formulation. Get to work faster and protect your equipment with TruFuel.
Is it right for my equipment?
TruFuel is specially engineered for air-cooled, 2-cycle engines that require a gas and oil mixture for fuel. That means all line trimmers, chainsaws and leaf blowers needing either a 40:1 or 50:1 mix.

Is it right for me?
Whether you're a do-it-yourselfer, emergency responder, own your own landscaping company, or manage a huge maintenance department, TruFuel is designed for you. That's because it delivers precise fuel and lubrication, every time. And, its unique formula and stabilizers ensure that it stays fresh for years after opening. So, you always get fresh, powerful fuel that performs and protects.

What makes TruFuel go?
TruFuel's main component is a proprietary premium fuel with minimum octane rating of 92 and a target RVP of 7.5 psi.
Safety & Handling:
What makes TruFuel safe?
When it comes to safety, rest assured that TruFuel is truly safe. We package it in a specially engineered metal can with a closure system that offers a secure seal, childproof cap, which is self venting for easy pour. This design enables the can to meet NFPA and BIC requirements for class 1A and 1B flammable product storage.               
How to handle it.
Remember, TruFuel contains gasoline, so it's important to use extra care when handling.

To Open:
1. Grasp can firmly.
2. Depress the safety tab.
3. Twist tab past the locking mechanism and unscrew.
4. Also recommend the use of a small funnel when pouring TruFuel and a clean rag to wipe up any spilled liquid.

To Close:
Screw cap down tightly - make sure cap turns past the childproof locking clip.

How to store TruFuel.
TruFuel should always be stored in a cool, well-ventilated area.
Avoid prolonged exposure to temperatures in excess of 120 degrees fahrenheit.

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